Checking in on 158 Front Street East – the St. Lawrence Condominiums.

As everyone knows in the community, the St. Lawrence Condominiums are essentially completed and the building is now home to many new St. Lawrence residents. When we posted our last update in October, we had, as had the construction management team, expected the glass canopy along the front of the building to be installed and in operation by now.

Unfortunately, the delivery of the material for the glass canopy has been delayed. Sadly, a common issue not only with construction but across a raft of industries in 2022.

We spoke with the construction team, and they expect the work on the glass canopy to be underway in approximately 3 weeks. As we noted last month, in what was intended as our ‘farewell’ post, access to the sidewalk will be maintained while the canopy is installed, given the width of the pedestrian area.

We look forward to seeing what it looks like and we expect to have a final before & after update.

As always, thank you for your patience and forbearance during the building of this new home for so many in St. Lawrence.

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