158 Front Street East substantially completed.

The St. Lawrence Condominiums are now enjoying ongoing occupation as new residents of the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood move in on a regular basis. The sidewalk on Front Street East is open in part for regular pedestrian access, as is the Sherbourne Street sidewalk.

A few outstanding elements on the exterior frontage remain to be finished, prior to the full width of the public realm being opened up on Front Street East. The street trees and street lights remain to be installed. We hope to ‘final’ post that will indicate the approximate time frame for tree planting and street light installation. However, the bulk of our work to keep the community up to date and informed on the progress of construction is largely complete. 

It has been our pleasure and privilege to provide useful information in a timely fashion over the past three and a half years. Construction of buildings of this scale is a long and complex process. We know too that it is all too often unavoidably bothersome to neighbours and to the community. In the end this project provides new homes for new St. Lawrence residents, an improved public realm and in the near future, will also provide new ‘main street’ retail spaces.

We expect to share our final post soon, and we will have a few more things to say about the cooperation of the community and the timeline for the final elements of the project. 

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