Construction Update for 158 Front Street East

Work on the Front Street East sidewalk is making considerable progress. The majority of the sidewalk concrete has been poured. However work still remains to be completed at the corner of Front Street East and Sherbourne Street, and in the mid-section of the Front Street East frontage.

Work also remains to be completed on the East Tower ‘hoist suites’ that are located where the former external construction elevator was located. Some finishing work is also ongoing on the upper floor suites.

Looking ahead:

We do not have a precise time frame for the completion of the sidewalks but we are advised that the construction team is aiming to have the work completed by the end of August.

Next week should see some more concrete work on the sidewalk and continuing finishing the installation of the paving stones, as well as continuing work to ready the remaining unfinished suites for inspection and eventual occupation.

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