The widening of the Front Street East sidewalk.

As neighbours and followers of this site will know, recent work at the St. Lawrence Condominiums at 158 Front Street East has been focused on building out the new sidewalks on Frederick Street, Sherbourne Street and Front Street East. The new Front Street East Sidewalk will be wider, extend further south than originally planned, creating more space for pedestrians and an enhanced public realm. 

This extension of the Front Street East sidewalk came to be through a collaborative effort by the development lead, Cityzen Development Group (Cityzen), the St. Lawrence Market Neighbourhood Business Improvement Area (BIA), the City of Toronto, with the support of the St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association (SLNA).  It’s a small but significant increase in public and pedestrian space through a road alteration that accommodates a boulevard widening a section of the site along Front Street East, between Frederick Street and Sherbourne Street. With ongoing development pressures in the area the expansion of the public realm in this stretch of Front St. E. will help to meet the needs of the growing downtown population. [Reference:]

Even though the Site Plan had long been approved and construction was underway with permits issued, Cityzen was able to respond to the request from the BIA and adjust plans without significant delays. Cityzen and the BIA, with support of the SLNA, led the way on this, in consultation with City of Toronto staff to ensure the community benefited from the improved sidewalk. The BIA’s willingness to provide up-front funding for the additional costs and the City of Toronto’s reimbursement of the BIA’s costs, were critical in achieving this enhanced public realm at 158 Front Street East. 

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