Construction Update for the week of February 28, 2022

There will be a normal crew on Saturday, February 26 doing site housekeeping work, preparations for next week, and ongoing work on the interiors.

Sherbourne Street Sidewalk

The Sherbourne Street sidewalk will be poured, in the area shown in the image above. This will happen as early as Monday, February 28 or as late as Wednesday, March 2, depending on weather conditions.

Canopy Installation

The canopy along the Front Street frontage of the building will be installed on Monday, February 28. We do not expect there to be significant impacts on pedestrian or vehicular traffic.

Front Street Sidewalk

Shoring removal along the existing Front Street sidewalk and grade edge of the building will continue through the week.

Interior Work

Interior finishing work continues with a focus on the upper floors and the suites that were adjacent removed West Tower Hoist. There will be deliveries of material to the site throughout the week.

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