Front Street East shoring removal underway at the St. Lawrence Condominiums

On Wednesday, February 16, the process of removing the shoring along the Front Street East section of the site will get underway. This is the first step in the reconstruction of the sidewalk. Once the shoring is removed, the old sidewalk is broken up and removed. Then the forming is done for the new sidewalk, and finally it is poured and finished.

Work in the suites that were in the guide-path of the West Tower Hoist is underway, now that the Hoist tower and cab have been removed. Work also continues in the lobby and finishing suites throughout the building.

Front Street East frontage prior to the beginning of shoring removal.

Looking Ahead

·         The first section of the Sherbourne Street sidewalk is set to be poured on February 21 or 22.

·         The removal the East Tower Hoist cab and mechanicals is booked for March 7.

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