Construction Outlook for the week of January 10, 2022

Despite the frigid temperatures, work is underway this week at 158 Front Street East.

This the focus of work at the site this week:

 ·        Interior Finishing is continuing in both the east and west towers.

·        Shoring removal is ongoing on Sherbourne Street.

Looking Ahead:

·         Traffic surface topping in the underground parking garage is scheduled for two weeks’ time.

·         The Frederick Street sidewalk concrete pour is planned to to happen next week if weather conditions permit.         ·         We will provide an update on this when we have more information.

·         The West Tower Hoist (external elevator) is scheduled to be removed on January 24th. We expect this will          ·         involve a temporary lane closure on the north side of Front Street East.

·         We expect crews to be on site Saturday, January 15th.

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