Regular Saturday Work set for this weekend at 158 Front Street East

Crews will be on site this weekend at 158 Front Street East as we noted in our previous post. They will be doing the usual set of ‘weekend’ activities with a focus on interior suite work and general site housekeeping.

We will provide a fuller update early next week on the outlook for the coming days at the site. We will also provide some further detail on the progress of sidewalk reconstruction work.

As we do each winter, we remind you that cold temperatures, ice and/or snowfall, can significantly impact exterior work, so any forecast for the completion of work, such as the reconstruction of the Frederick Street sidewalk, or the removal of shoring from the Sherbourne Street frontage, has a meteorological caveat beside it. We will of course endeavour to provide as accurate information as possible in the final months of work at 158 Front Street East.

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