Front St. E. Road Closure Update re Weekend Crane Removal – July 9 – 11.

Construction managers have received the finalized permit for this weekend’s road closure of Front Street East, between Frederick Street and Sherbourne Street.

The time of the permitted road closure has changed. It will now run from 7 PM – Friday, July 9 through to 11:59 PM Sunday, July 11.

Confirmed Road Closure Hours

Friday, July 9, from 7 pm onwards.

Saturday, July 10, all day.

Sunday, July 11, through to 11:59 pm

– note we expect work to be completed and the road closure opened significantly earlier on Sunday evening.

Road Closure details, as per the map (above and below):

Frederick Street will be closed from the site construction gate to Front Street, meaning no access to Front Street for vehicles. Residents on Frederick Street will be have access to their buildings via Frederick and King Street East. 

In addition, the eastbound lane of Front Street East will be closed to vehicle traffic from Jarvis Street to George Street. Cars will be able to turn right from George Street and travel westbound along Front Street. 

Pedestrians will not be able to use the north side sidewalk between Frederick and Sherbourne from Friday through Sunday. Pedestrian access may be temporarily restricted on the south side of Front Street between Frederick and Sherbourne if safety concerns require it.

Updated Work Outline:

Friday, July 9

The road closure is set up to begin at 7 pm.

The mobile crane, that will be used to take down the on-site cranes, will arrive on site. 

Saturday, July 10

Setup of the mobile removal crane is completed

The west tower crane is removed. 

Sunday, July 11

The east tower crane is removed.

The road closure is dismantled.

Note while the permit allows the road closure to last until 11:59 PM on Sunday, July 11, we expect that work will be completed and the road closure opened up earlier in the evening.

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