Saturday Work and Look Ahead to the Week of May 3, 2021

Work crews will be on site tomorrow at 158 Front Street East, doing typical weekend housekeeping activities. As well, window installers will be working on the 17th Floor . Carpenters will be forming the Mechanical Penthouse walls and finishing trades will be working in the suites on the lower floors.

Yesterday, April 29th crews removed the tower section of the concrete pump that had been in use to pour the upper floors of the building.

A mobile crane will be arriving on Monday, May 3rd it will be parked within the site and it will be used to pick up the remaining sections of the concrete pump. The crane’s delivery to the site should be accomplished quickly and not cause any significant impact to vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

Next week we expect there will be ongoing window installation and interior suite work, with associated material deliveries. We will post and circulate an update later next week.

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