Saturday construction update and look ahead to the week of February 8.

UPDATED February 8

Strong winds affected construction activity on the site today, February 5th. The planned concrete pour for the east tower 23rd Floor has been postponed to Monday, February 8th, weather conditions permitting. So there will be no late work this evening. However, we expect that Tuesday, February 9th will see a major slab concrete pour and concrete finishing into the evening.

Saturday, February 6

Tomorrow, Saturday, February 6th, there will be concrete finishers doing grinding work on the 18th floor. This will cause what may look like smoke coming from the building. This is just a normal impact of the necessary grinding work and no cause for concern. There may also be some noise associated with this work.

Crews will also be on site doing general housekeeping work and preparation for the rescheduled concrete slab pour on Monday.

Next Week

Assuming Monday’s slab concrete pour goes ahead as planned, we also expect there will be another slab pour later in the week. We will post details of that next week.

Interior work will continue throughout the podium floors and there may be deliveries to the site of materials and supplies.

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