Construction update for the St. Lawrence Condos at 158 Front Street East, 1/21/21.

Currently the cantilever on the 23rd Floor is being formed on the west tower with beams extending out from the 21st Floor to support the overhang of the tower above, as pictured above.

Also on the exterior, crews are currently installing windows on the 10th Floor of the building.

On the interior of the building, drywall installation continues to progress on the 3rd Floor while electricians and plumbers are working on roughing-in connections.

Construction management does not anticipate a large slab floor pour this week. However, they expect to pour a portion of the 23rd Floor slab on Friday, January 22nd This may involve work continuing into the afternoon and early evening but it is not likely to go as late as full slab pour.

We also expect that crews will be on site on Saturday, January, 23rd  conducting housekeeping work, interior work and taking apart wooden forms from sections of already poured concrete.

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