Construction Update for Saturday, January 9, and the week of January 11, 2021

Crews will also be on site tomorrow, Saturday, January 9th at 158 Front Street East, working on 9th Floor windows and the 13th Floor plumbing. There will also be crews conducting general housekeeping cleaning around the site and building.

Next Week:

The construction managers anticipate pouring the 22nd Floor east tower slab of the St. Lawrence Condominiums, on Monday, January 10th or Tuesday, January 12th, weather permitting. Of the two possible dates, Tuesday, the 12th is most likely for the slab pour and the concomitant late evening finishing work.

Also next week: window installation will advance to the 10th Floor by midweek; electrical and plumbing rough-in work continues on 4th and 5th floors; and drywall installation has progressed to the 3rd Floor, as seen in the images below.

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