Update: Concrete Pours & Crane Lights, December 9.

The concrete slab pour for the 20th floor of the East Tower is underway today, Wednesday, December 9. The first phase of the pour will continue into the afternoon. Concrete finishing is expected to continue late into the evening – possibly as late as 1:30 am. Both colder temperatures and the concrete mix used at this time of year, require more careful and thorough work.

We have received notes regarding the crane lights shining into neighbouring buildings in the evening. There was an issue with the switching system on the crane lights in late November. This has been addressed by moving to a manual shut-off at the end of each shift.

Because concrete finishing must continue after each major slab pour until it is completed, there are evenings when crews are on site very late. This is permitted by the City Permit for Late Concrete Work and also under the expanded construction hours provisions in current Provincial regulations. Unfortunately, when concrete work goes late, the crane lights must remain on for safety reasons until the work is completed. Concrete workers turn off the lights once they are finished.

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns regarding any aspect of the construction of the St. Lawrence Condominiums at 158 Front Street East, please email us directly at contact@158frontconstruction.info.

We will have an update on Friday regarding weekend work.

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