158 Front Street East Midweek Construction Update

Concrete for the St. Lawrence Condominium building is currently complete to the 19th Floor on both the east and west towers. Crews are in the process of pouring the 19th Floor west tower walls; some were poured yesterday, and work will continue today.

For the remainder of the week there will not be any large slab floor concrete pours. Crews will be ‘flying’ wooden slab forms (“Fly Tables”) with the crane up and onto the 19th Floor. They will then begin forming the 20th Floor slab.

Framing suites continues on the 5th Floor; while the amenity space acoustical ceilings and walls are also being framed on the 5th/6th floors. Tradespeople have begun to rough-in the lower levels inside the building. Crews are continuing to install windows on the 8th and 9th floors.

We expect this Saturday, November 28, that there is once again going to be some light crane work: loading materials onto a trailer to be removed from the site. As well as some general housekeeping work throughout the site. Should there be a change to the construction schedule we will post and circulate an update.

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