Construction Update for the St. Lawrence Condominiums, November 17, 2020

Recent strong winds have set back progress on the top floors at 158 Front Street East. Today crews working on framing and decking on the east and west towers ended their work earlier than scheduled and secured the area.

We note that crews were in on the weekend to secure any material that might have been prone to being dislodged by the wind.

Work on the interiors continues steadily. Crews are working the electrical and plumbing connections in the 2nd Floor Suites. The 3rd Floor suite floors are being levelled. While on the 5th floor, crews are framing suites.

Window installation continues on the 8th and 9th Floors. The eastern hoist (external construction elevator), pictured below left, has passed its safety inspections and is expected to be in use as of tomorrow, Wednesday, November 18.

The 18th Floor of the west tower has been completed along with the columns and walls that will support the 19th floor. Framing and decking work will continue through Wednesday, with the concrete slap floor for the west tower 19th Floor expected on Thursday, November 19th, weather conditions permitting. We also expect concrete finishing work to continue into the evening on Thursday.

We will have a further update by Friday, regarding weekend work and the look ahead for next week.

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