Saturday work scheduled for October 31.

There will be crews working tomorrow, Saturday, October 31, at the St. Lawrence Condominiums construction site. They will be conducting general site cleanup and some light crane work, as well as opening wall forms that were poured on Friday.

The building is currently at the 17th Floor on the West tower. Vertical walls and columns are at 70% complete. The East tower 17th Floor slab is currently being formed with concrete expected to be poured as soon as Monday, November 2; assuming that Monday’s concrete work remains on schedule, we may expect late afternoon and evening concrete finishing.

Interior work on the podium level suites continued through the week. Currently suites are being framed on the 4th Floor with amenity glass walls being installed up to the 6th Floor. Balcony railings and glass on the north face of the podium are complete up to the 7th Floor. The final sections of the east hoist (external construction elevator) is currently being installed and we expect this to be in regular operation within the next two weeks.

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