Construction Update – Saturday, Road Closure.

UPDATED Friday, October 16, 2020

Today, the 17th concrete slab floor of the west tower is being poured. Concrete finishing will follow in the later afternoon and possibly evening. The 16th floor of the east tower is expected to be poured on Friday or Monday.

Both hoists (external construction elevators) are now in use to facilitate access to the podium floors for work crews and material.

On the north face of the building, the glass for the podium level balconies is being installed. This will continue over the next few weeks until the work is completed.

Saturday Partial Road Closure

The crane on the east tower needs to be raised and adjusted. In order to accomplish this, a large mobile crane will be required. This will be larger unit than the one used to install the eastern hoist. Therefore, a complete road closure of Front Street between Frederick Street.

The construction team is waiting for the permit to be approved by the City of Toronto. Depending on the approval timeframe, the partial road closure would occur this coming Saturday, October 17th. Please click here for our update.

Saturday October 24th or Sunday, October 25th would have been the next possible dates for the crane work and road closure.

We realize this will be an inconvenience, however this is essential work to move the project forward and will be conducted in full co-operation with the City and the Toronto Police Service. We will circulate an update with the precise details as soon as we have the information in hand.

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