158 Front St. E. Construction Update, September 10, 2020

A milestone has been reached at the construction site for the St. Lawrence Condominiums at 158 Front Street East. The installation of the precast brick cladding has completed on the podium floors of the building. Crews will therefore no longer be ‘flying’ sections of precast brick into place during the late afternoon and evening.

In other construction progress, window installation has now reached the 6th Floor and the picture frame metal panels, that are installed prior to the window glazing, are being installed on the 7th Floor this week.

Structural formwork, prior to concrete pouring, is over 70% complete on the 14th Floor. Work also continues this week on completing the swimming pool formwork.

NOTE: There will be no late concrete finishing work today or tomorrow, Friday, September 11.

Saturday and Next Week

Detailed work schedules are still being determined for Saturday, September 12, however, we anticipate that at least a small crew will be on site doing cleaning and housekeeping work.

The construction team will be pouring the next portion of the 14th Floor concrete slab on Monday September 14th. There will also be a grinding crew working, periodically over the coming days, until approximately 6 pm or 7 pm. This will create some noise but it is necessary work and we do no anticipate it going later than 7 pm.

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