158 Front Street East Update, August 27, 2020

Precast brick installation on the podium exterior has almost completed on site. The construction management team anticipates this key piece of work may be finished this week. While work on the podium exterior continues, the crane will be in use to ‘fly’ panels into place in the late afternoon and early evening in order to both expedite this work and to permit appropriate staging of personnel, in keeping with Covid-19 best practices. When the crane is in use flying precast panels into place, there are always traffic control personnel on the ground to safely guide pedestrians.

Window installation has now reached the 5th Floor and the exterior metal panel picture framing continues on the 6th Floor. Structural formwork currently half way on to the 14th Floor. The 13th  Floor vertical walls were completed yesterday.

While we have not got confirmation on any planned Saturday work, we expect there to be some work on the site this weekend. We will post a quick update tomorrow afternoon.

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