Construction outlook week of August 4, 2020

This week at 158 Front Street East, concrete wall forming and pouring for the last walls on the 12th floor is scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday. A concrete slab pour for the 13th floor is scheduled for Thursday, August 6: concrete finishing may extend into the early evening depending on weather conditions during the day.

Window installation is ongoing on 3rd floor. Installation of the first set of windows on the 4th floor is expected to start soon, possibly by the end of this week.

Installation of the precast brick cladding resumed on July 30, yesterday and will continue daily until the work is completed.  Daily completion time is projected to be 7:00 pm.

A Note on Work Times

Since April there has been a Provincial Government exemption to Municipal Construction Hours. This has been used periodically on the site to allow workers and contractors to stagger start and end times on the site in order to permit more social distancing and reduce potential exposure during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Staff have arrived prior 9 am on some Saturdays, but every effort is made to minimize any noise that would impact neighbouring properties. Most major construction activities occur within the standard City of Toronto construction hours. The site managers are committed to minimizing disruption and noise while also ensuring a safe site.

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