Saturday July 4 + Look Ahead, Week of July 6, 2020

There will be work crews on site at 158 Front Street East this Saturday, July 4, from 9 am to approximately 1 pm. They will be conducting site maintenance and preparing for next week’s concrete work.

Despite the midweek break for Canada Day, work progressed steadily on the St. Lawrence Condominiums. The 11th floor concrete slab floor was 65% complete by Friday, July 3rd. The first set of windows have been installed on and are clearly visible from Frederick Street and Front Street East.

Look Ahead for the week of July 6

Work this coming week will focus on completing the 11th floor slab, along with the initial columns and walls rising from the 11th floor to the 12th floor.

We expect more windows to be installed along the lower podium frontage. We will have an update early next week on the next set of large concrete pours and the next round of precast brick cladding installation.

Please check back regularly for updates.

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