Construction look ahead for Saturday, June 20 and the week of June 22, 2020

Concrete work for the 10th floor of the St. Lawrence Condominiums has been completed this week.

This Saturday, June 20, crews will be on site from 9 am installing the next sections of the pre-cast brick cladding to the face of the podium levels of the building. This will continue the finished look of the emerging exterior. In the coming weeks, the initial phase of window installation is expected to get underway, completing the exterior of the lower floors.

Next week, work on the 11th floor will continue. This will involve continued forming, concrete pouring and concrete finishing. We note as a reminder, that concrete finishing may, as per the permits from the City of Toronto, continue past 7 pm, depending on daily progress and the speed at which the concrete sets.

We will be checking with the site construction managers mid week and will provide an update then if there changes or significant developments in construction activities. We will also post an update near the end of next week regarding any work that may be scheduled for Saturday, June 27.

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