158 Front St. E., week of May 25, 2020

Work this week will continue to be focussed on the 10th floor. Forming, pouring slab floor sections, as well as walls and columns.

Larger slab sections may require concrete finishing work later into the evenings. However, most, if not all, of the work on-site will wrap by 4 pm.

Work is still progressing at a steady but slower pace due to the necessary physical distancing and hand-washing protocols on-site.

Last week one of the crane lights was adjusted to minimize light spillage into a neighbouring building. We have received another request from a different building and we have requested that construction site managers make every effort to address this to the extent that it is feasible while still addressing site safety and security.

If there are changes to the work schedule for the week we will post and circulate an update.

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