Construction Update & Look Ahead, May 15, 2020

Despite the less than desirable weather, progress continued this week through Friday, May 15. Work commenced today on the next phase of the exterior walls: construction of the structure between the brick precast exterior cladding and the concrete wall. These structures will support the windows. We expect that window installation on the second floor will begin in approximately one month.

The hoist (external construction elevator) continues in full operation on the lower podium floor levels. And on the top of the building, the initial sections of the 10th floor are underway.

Work will resume on site on Tuesday, May 19, as the site is closed for the Victoria Day Holiday on Monday. There will be no work tomorrow, Saturday.

On Tuesday, May 19, rebar will be delivered to the site for the next section of the 10th floor. Concrete work on the 10th floor will follow from that. We do not expect that there will be late evening concrete finishing work next week; especially if the weather co-operates and the concrete is able to be poured earlier and set faster so finishing can also begin earlier in the day.

 More trades are beginning their work on the site, given the changes recently announced by the Province, given this we expect more use of the Front Street gates for deliveries of material.

Deliveries to site via the Front Street are always conducted with traffic control personnel monitoring and directing pedestrian and vehicle traffic .

TMG continues to screen all workers and delivery drivers entering the site for symptoms and temperature. Construction management continues to maintain work guidelines for safe operating on-site during Covid-19; this does entail a slower pace of construction than normal.

The installation of the exterior brick precast cladding is on hiatus this coming week and is expected to resume in 2 to 3 weeks.

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