Construction update and look ahead for the Week of May 11, 2020

Today, May 8, saw the first section of the 10th floor concrete slab floor poured. Following the pour, concrete finishers will be on the site working late through the evening polishing the slab floor; as per the existing permits from the City of Toronto.

There will be workers on site this Saturday, May 9th. Whether there is Saturday work is now a week by week decision depending on construction needs.

For the time being, installation of the the exterior pre-cast brick exterior cladding will not be conducted during late afternoon or evening hours. However, we expect pre-cast installation to resume in the coming weeks and we will provide an update on the timing of this once we have confirmed information in-hand.

The Hoist (external construction elevator) has been inspected by TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority) and is now in use. No more than (3) workers are permitted inside the hoist elevator at one time to maintaining a safe distance. As well, the Front Street East gate adjacent to the Hoist is now in use for some concrete trucks as well as material deliveries. It is monitored by security, as is the Frederick Street gate, to ensure the safety of pedestrians and vehicle traffic.

We note that TMG continues to monitor all workers entering the site and uses a thermal imaging gun to observe in real-time the temperature of all visitors and workers. Hand-washing stations are in place throughout the site and physical distancing protocols are in place.

We will have an update next week. If there are significant changes to the construction schedule, we will update accordingly.

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