Look ahead for 158 Front Street, week of April 20, 2020

Work on the construction of the St. Lawrence Condominiums continues to progress at reduced pace in order to maintain safe work practices.

The building is now structurally complete to the 8th floor. Work on the 9th Floor is now beyond the half-way point.

Saturday April, 18

The site will have three (3) workers on-site tomorrow, Saturday, April 18. They will be opening up wall forms in preparation for Monday’s concrete work. They will be on-site for no more than two (2) hours, after which the site will be closed again until Monday, April 20, at 7 am.

Exterior cladding–brick precast–has advanced to the east face of the building. The precast brick on the podium gives a sense of the its final finished form. Next week the installation of precast brick cladding will continue on the podium’s eastern section.

Concrete work will continue on the 9th floor with both walls and the slab floor. Work on the initial phases of the 10th floor is expected to get underway as well.

Work Hours

Next week, the site work hours will remain the same as they were this past week: 7 am to 4 pm. There will be exceptions for with the exception of precast installation, as needed. As well concrete slab pours and concrete finishing that may continue past the regular hours if necessary, as per the permit issued by the City of Toronto. 

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