Update for Saturday March 14 & the week of March 16, 2020

From 9 am, tomorrow, March 14, there will be crews on-site raising the western tower crane. There will also be carpenters on-site from 9 am. Work is expected to be completed by the mid-afternoon.

Western tower crane to be raised March 14

Look ahead for the week of March 16

Next week will see continued work to complete the 8th floor walls and columns and the beginning of the 9th floor slab work. Concrete pouring will generally be completed in the afternoons, with concrete finishing continuing into the evening as required. Work continues throughout the existing floors to put in piping for water service and conduit for electrical service.

5th floor interior

Hoist – external construction elevator

We will have an update on the schedule for the hoist to go into operation next week.

Pre-cast brick cladding

Next week is also expected to see additional pre-cast brick cladding installed on the existing podium levels.

Wall section rising from the 8th floor.

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