Construction Update, 158 Front St. E., March 6, 2020

Saturday, March 7

There will be a concrete pour tomorrow, Saturday, March 6. Crews will be working from 9 am to continue working on the concrete pour for the next section of the 8th floor. The concrete pour is expected to continue through the afternoon. Concrete finishing will continue on the poured section until it is completed and may need to continue past 7 pm.

This past week, the 7th floor concrete pour was completed. Over 50% of the 8th floor concrete slab floor was poured. The first sections of columns and walls rising from the 8th floor were also completed. Work is underway now to set the panels and forms in place for the first section of the 9th floor.

Looking Ahead

We expect the hoist (external construction elevator) to be in service within the next two weeks. Deliveries of material will occur through the Front Street gate. Concrete will continue to be delivered via the Frederick Street gate.

The next sections of the podium’s pre-cast brick cladding are expected to be installed within the next two weeks.

Be sure to check back for updates regularly. If you wish to receive notice of construction updates please email us at

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