Construction Update for 158 Front St. E., February 28, 2020

Despite recent weather conditions, high winds and cold temperatures, work has progressed steadily this past week on the St. Lawrence Condominiums. Currently crews are working on the second concrete pour for the 8th floor slab and forming for the 4th slab pour on the 7th floor.

The 8th floor slab pour #2 and the east crane which will be raised on Saturday, February 29

Saturday, February 29

This Saturday crews will be on site from 9 am. The eastern crane will be raised to accomodate the next 3 floors of work. There will be formwork in preparation for next week’s concrete pours. And there will be general housekeeping on site through the afternoon.

Next Week

Next week the focus of construction activity will be finishing the 7th floor slab and continuing to form and pour the 8th floor slab.

Looking Ahead

Installation of the precast brick cladding will resume week of March 9th 

Work to install the hoist (external construction elevator) is on hold until the fly forms on 7th floor, for the 8th floor concrete slab, are removed and moved up an entire floor. Once the forms are raised to the 8th floor work will resume to install the next section of the hoist tower. Once that is complete the hoist will be inspected and approved. It is expected that it it will go into service in approximately 2 weeks.

We plan to post a midweek update on Wednesday, March 4. As always if there are material changes to the construction schedule will post updates as may be required. Please check back regularly.

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