Weekend Update and Look Ahead for 158 Front St. E., February 21, 2020

Saturday, February 21, 2020

Crews will be on site on Saturday doing general housekeeping tasks on site and taking apart forms from set concrete. We also expect that a mobile crane may be on site to raise assist in raising the crane motor in height. Work will be ongoing from 9 AM through the early to mid afternoon.

Work has progressed well this week at the site of the St. Lawrence Condominiums, despite the spate of cold weather this week. Work has now reached the 8th floor on the west side of the podium. Rebar and wiring has been laid down on the initial section of the 8th floor and the first wall sections rising from the 8th floor to the 9th floor have been poured.

Looking east from the 8th floor over the completed sections of the 7th floor.

The 7th floor slab is 75% complete. Beginning on Monday, February 24th crews will be lifting forms up to the east end of the 7th floor as the slab is completed and the remaining 7th floor walls and columns are formed and poured.

The hoist (external construction elevator) installation process is ongoing. Once the all the forms are cleared from the south face of the building and the 8th floor is completed, we expect the hoist to be tested and then put into service.

As always work is “weather permitting” in winter. With mostly milder temperatures forecast for the week fo the 24th, we expect concrete work every day, with concrete finishing going into the evening, to 9 Pm or 10 PM as may be necessary.

The south view the 3rd floor.

We will have an update next week. Please check back regularly as we update the site whenever there is a material change to the construction schedule.

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