Weekend Update 158 Front Street, February 7, 2020

We expect there will likely be a crew on site this Saturday, February 8. They will be taking apart concrete forms from walls and columns that have been completed. As well they will be busy with general housekeeping and clean-up tasks on site.

This past week the concrete pump was delivered to the site and installed. The concrete pump will be in use next week once the all the pipe connections are completed and tested. This will provide more efficient and faster concrete pouring on the central and eastern half of the building. This will also free up the eastern crane to move other materials and supplies as needed.

Work to set-up and install the hoist–external construction elevator–will be ongoing through next week. The goal is to have it operational as the 8th floor concrete slab is completed.

The 7th floor slab was is now substantially complete. Work will continue next week on pouring walls and columns that run from the 7th to the 8th floor. Weather will of course impact progress so all construction targets are by necessity flexible in the short term. However, we expect significant progress toward completing the 8th floor this coming week.

We will have an update next week or sooner if there are any substantial changes to the construction schedule.

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