Construction Update for 158 Front St. E., January 31, 2020

On Saturday, February 1, the east crane–closest to Sherbourne and Front–will be raised to accommodate the rising building. Crews will be on site from 9 am. A tractor-trailer will enter the site from Frederick Street.

This week the 7th floor slab was poured on the western side of the building, along with the initial walls and columns rising from the 7th to the 8th floor. Work also progressed toward the completion of the 6th floor concrete slab on the eastern half of the building. Crews have been completing concrete pouring by the late afternoon. However, concrete finishing is continuing into the evening as may be necessary. For example after Friday’s 6th floor slab pour on January 31, crews will be working on finishing the concrete till approximately 10 pm. This work does not generate a lot of noise and is permitted within the existing permit from the City of Toronto.

Looking ahead

Starting on Monday, February 3, work will be underway to prepare for the installation of the first hoist–external construction elevator–on the west side of the building. Access to the site for deliveries of material and hoist components will be from Front Street. There may be short-term interruptions to pedestrian and vehicular traffic to ensure everyone’s safety.

The work will occur within the site along the Front Street east frontage.

Looking west along the Front Street East frontage to the approximate location of the hoist, which will be installed starting next week. Materials will arrive at the site via the Front Street access gate.

We will post an update next week. Please check back regularly for updates.

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