Construction Update – 158 Front St. E, January 24, 2020

This week the first section of the 7th floor concrete slab has been poured, along with the first 7th to 8th floor walls and columns.

Work is continuing to complete the 6th floor slab in the central and eastern sections of the building.

Next week will see the completion of the 6th floor and the next sections of the 7th floor being poured and finished.

Saturday, January 25

Crews will be on site this Saturday from 9 am. One concrete truck may be arriving at the site via the Frederick Street gate for a small concrete pour.

Looking Ahead

The week of February 3 will the first hoist–external construction elevator–installed on the western frontage the building, facing Front Street East. The plan is to load in the material for the hoist via the eastern Front Street East gate. Unloading and set-up of the hoist will happen on-site. This will minimize impacts on pedestrian and vehicular traffic. However, while the truck bringing the hoist equipment to the site is entering and exiting, there may be short disruptions to pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

It is anticipated that the second hoist will be installed in the late winter or early spring. We will provide information on this well in advance.

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