158 Front Street East January 9 Update

Crews are completing the slab concrete for the 5th floor this week. Work on the 6th floor is underway on the eastern section of the St. Lawrence Condominiums. We also expect the steel rebar and foming for the first columns rising from the 6th floor to the 7th floor to get underway by end of day Friday.

There will be a crew in on Saturday, January 11 from 9 am. They will be removing unneeded material from the site and performing general housekeeping duties.

Looking Ahead


Concrete work on the 6th floor slab and the 6th-to-7th floor columns will continue on Monday and Tuesday.


During the work day there may be very short traffic (north eastbound lane) and pedestrian (north sidewalk) stoppages as large forms are lifted into place by the cranes. Will a minor and brief inconvenience, these temporary closures are essential for public and worker safety.


We expect that the hosts, external construction elevators will be installed at the end of February, once the 8th floor slab is complete. We will provide more information and updates next month.

Our next regular update is set for Wednesday, January 15.

6th floor slab in progress

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