Construction Update for 158 Front Street East

The concrete slab for the third floor was completed this week at the St. Lawrence Condominiums. The eastern portion of the third floor is still setting but the central section is ready to have the concrete forms removed–‘flown’–by crane.

There will be work this Saturday at 158 Front Street Front Street East:

Forms from the third floor will be flown down by the east crane.

Third floor forms ready to be removed

Crews will also be sealing and waterproofing the front promenade.

The front promenade that will become that will triple the public sidewalk space when construction is completed.

The public art installation on the hoardings is substantially completed. In the coming days a transparent sealing coat will be added to protect against vandalism and tagging.

Next Week

Work will begin next week to complete the third floor columns and walls in the eastern half of the site. As this moves ahead the fourth floor slab will move eastward. Work will also continue on the fifth floor. All work at this time of year is weather dependent. If the weather conditions are favourable we expect that initial work on flying the the forms for the sixth floor will get underway next week.

Looking east from the 5th floor

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