Midweek Construction Update

Work at 158 Front Street East was slowed this week by snow and record-breaking cold. However, concrete work resumed yesterday afternoon, with two sections of wall poured that run from the 5th floor to the as yet unpoured 6th floor slab. As long as the weather co-operates, the final section of the second floor slab is expected to be completed by Friday, November 15.

Work is progressing throughout the building. To facilitate this during the cold snap, part of the eastern section of the ground floor area has been wrapped and heaters are in use.

There are supporting struts in place throughout the some of the first, and all the second and third floors. These are required for 3 floors below the top level slab being poured. They are removed and set a floor up as the new levels of concrete slab are poured.

Public Art Update

The installation of the public art work on the hoardings has been delayed as the artist requires the areas she will work in to be covered and heated. This is required because the art work is going to be painted directly onto the plywood hoardings. This will require short-term closure of the sidewalk areas where the work will occur. A permit has been applied for from the City of Toronto. Once this permit is approved we will have more details on the work schedule and the short-term sidewalk closures.

Saturday Work, November 16

Crews will be on site this coming Saturday, from 9 am. They will be doing general housekeeping work and taking apart forms from finished concrete sections.

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