Construction Update, November 7, 2019

Work has been progressing steadily on the west site of the project in past week. The first section of the 5th floor has been poured in the southwest corner of the site. As well, the first set of walls and columns running from the 5th to the 6th floor have been poured.

View through the rebar, looking southwest from the 5th floor of St. Lawrence Condos

In contrast, work on the east was delayed by the need to replace a motor in the east side crane. Now that the eastern crane is back in operation work will resume, weather permitting. The final section of the 2nd floor slab, in the northeast corner of the building remains to be completed.

The remaining section of the 2nd floor slab that has not been poured.

Work will continue to progress over the coming days on the 5th floor, 4th floor, 3rd floor and 2nd floor.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Crews will be on site on Saturday from 9 am through the afternoon. They will doing general site housekeeping, taking apart forms where the concrete has set, and removing items from the site that are no longer required. Removals will happen via the north service laneway, accessed from Frederick Street.

Please check back for updates. Our next scheduled post will be on November 13. We will also provide updates on the progress of the public art on the hoardings.

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