Hoardings Public Art installation to begin next week at 158 Front St. East

After review and discussion with the 158 Front Construction Liaison Committee and the project development team, the artist Erin McCluskey was selected to create public art for the hoardings. This work is being facilitated by the STEPS Initiative, and award-winning public art charity based in Toronto.

Work is set to begin on the hoardings on November 10, weather permitting. The art work will be focussed on the southwest, Frederick Street and Front Street East, and the southeast, Sherbourne Street and Front Street East.

Examples of Ms. McClusky’s past work can be found here: https://www.erin-mccluskey.com/

E. McCluskey, Flowers, Lakeshore and Fort York, 2018

Our next construction update will be posted on November 7.

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