Midweek Construction Update, 158 Front St. E.


We have been advised that crews will be on site tomorrow, October 26, from 9 am performing general housekeeping and construction activities. There will be no concrete work. 
We have updated the Midweek Construction Update accordingly: 

Our next scheduled update will be posted on Wednesday, October 30. 


Construction of the future St. Lawrence Condominiums hit a milestone this week as work reached the 5th floor level for the first time. Cranes have begun ‘flying’ form panels for the 5th floor slab to the current top level of the building. Concrete work on the 5th floor is scheduled to start in approximately one week at the beginning of November.  

The 1st floor is completely finished across the site. The remaining unfinished section of the 2nd floor in the northeast corner, is expected to be completed by end of next week. The 3rd floor is approximately 50% completed. And the 4th floor is approximately 30% finished.

Concrete work and Noise Permit

As of October 1, 2019 the City of Toronto’s revised noise by-law no longer automatically exempts concrete work from the weekday 7 am to 7 pm limit on construction noise. While to-date no concrete pouring work has been undertaken after 7 pm and nor is any planned, the essential work of concrete finishing sometimes must continue into the evening. This work is not significantly noisy however, in keeping with the new by-law, the development team has sought and received a Noise Exemption Permit to enable this work to continue as necessary.

You can view and download a copy of the permit:

A hard copy of the permit has also been delivered to adjacent buildings.

UPDATED: We have confirmation that work will be happening on-site, Saturday October 26.

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