158 Front Street East, construction update for October 11, 2019

On Thursday, October 10, the first section of the 4th floor slab was poured at the southwest corner of the site. As well concrete work for the first and second floors of the St. Lawrence Condominiums is now complete.

We do not expect work on site this Saturday, October 12. However, if there is a change prior to the end of the work day, we will post update this afternoon. The site will be closed on Monday, October 14 for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

There is now now No Stopping on Front Street East between Sherbourne Street and Frederick Street. This is to ensure the safe operation of the Front Street gates that will be used for deliveries and garbage removal.

No Stopping Signage on Front Street East.

NOTE: A concrete truck was temporarily stopped on Front Street East on Thursday, October 10, due a short-term mechanical issue. Concrete trucks will not use Front Street as a staging area under normal operations.

The Sherbourne Street gate is now only used for staff access to the site.

Now that the first and second floors have been completed on the north east section of the building, the Sherbourne Street gate is only in use for staff access to the site, on foot, when required.

NOTE 2: On Wednesday, October 9, a truck that was driven by someone with no connection to the site was temporarily parked adjacent the Sherbourne Street gate. The driver of the truck was warned to move his truck and he complied. TMG staff will be monitoring this area. There is no vehicle access to the Sherbourne Street gate and all contractors have been advised not to stop or attempt to park there.

Next Update

Our next scheduled update will be posted and circulated on Wednesday, October 16. If there are significant changes to the construction schedule we will post an update prior to Wednesday. Please do check back for news and updates.

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