Saturday work at 158 Front & look ahead

There will be crews on-site this Saturday, October 5 at the St. Lawrence Condominiums. They will be taking concrete forms down on concrete sections that have fully set. There will also be general housekeeping work ongoing through the afternoon in preparation for next week.

A note on concrete work:

The new City of Toronto noise by-law came into effect on October 1. Previously, continuous concrete work was exempted from the construction noise section of the by-law, with the understanding that concrete work once underway can’t be interrupted without compromising it’s structural integrity. Now if concrete work has to continue past 7 pm on weekdays, a permit has to be sought. The development team has therefore sought such a permit because concrete finishing work past 7 pm has been and will continue to be necessary on some days. Finishing work is relatively quiet, roughly half the decibel level of a lawnmower. It is however, an essential element of ensuring concrete floors are properly and safely completed.

Looking Ahead:

Over the coming week work will continue to build out the 2nd floor slab, as supporting columns for the third floor are formed and poured. As work in the 3rd floor is proceeding, columns for the 4th floor will be formed and poured; and following this the initial sections of the 4th floor slab will be poured.

Farther ahead, in approximately 6 to 7 weeks, the hoists–external service elevators–will be installed on the Front Street East side of the building. We will post more detailed information on the hoist installation in the coming weeks.

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