Construction Update, September 26, 2019

This week the initial stages of work on the third floor of the St. Lawrence Condominiums has begun this week at the southwest corner of the construction site. The first set of columns from the second floor to the third floor have been completed. Today, Thursday, September 26, the first section of the third floor concrete slab is set to be poured. On Friday crews will begin flying forming tables for the initial section of the fourth floor. Following this the first section of the fourth floor slab will be poured and finished.

On the east side of the site the final set of columns running from the first floor to the second floor are being formed and poured. This work is expected to be completed over the next week.

Over the next two weeks forming, pouring and finishing work will be occurring on the second, third and fourth floors.

The service lane on the north side of the site has had its initial concrete poured. During the next phases of construction the lane will enable concrete trucks to access the east side of the site.

Saturday Work

Crews will be on site this Saturday, September 28, from 9 am. They will be stripping forms from finished sections of concrete and performing housekeeping tasks.

Next Update

Our next update is scheduled for October 2. However, if there are changes to construction activities we will post and circulate updates as may be needed. Please check back with us regularly or request to join our email notification list by emailing us at

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