Construction Update, September 20, 2019

Work is progressing on the second floor at 158 Front Street East. Columns going from the 2nd to the 3rd floor are being formed and poured.

Work is moving from the the southwest of the site toward the northeast as the second floor work is reaching closer to Sherbourne Street.

We expect there to be a work crew on site Saturday, September 21 from 9 am. The focus of their work will be stripping forms from completed concrete and general housekeeping tasks.

Looking Ahead:

Next week work will continue on the second floor and the initial phases of the third floor. As work on the eastern side of the site progresses, the eastern facing wall of the building will reach the area adjacent the current access gate on Sherbourne Street. This gate will not be in use once the northeastern section of the building is built.

On Front Street the gates now in place will be used for deliveries and garbage removal. They will also be used to deliver the the components for the two hoists or external service elevators. As we have reported, on street parking has been removed from Front Street between Sherbourne Street and Frederick Street. Soon this section will also be a no stopping zone to ensure safe access to the site for deliveries. During gate operations, flag people will staff the gates to ensure the safety of pedestrians and to minimize any impact on traffic.

We will post and circulate our next regular update on Wednesday, September 25, and provide updates before then if construction details change.

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