Construction Update, September 12, 2019

Work at 158 Front Street East this week and into next will continue to focus on forming and pouring the 2nd floor of the St. Lawrence Condominiums. The 2nd floor is a complex one to complete but the work is progressing steadily.

With the Front Street hoardings, access gates and overhead protection completed, discussions will be getting underway with our Construction Liaison Committee to review public art to animate the hoardings during the balance of the construction period.

For safety reasons, the areas of the Front Street hoardings that are adjacent the gates have to be left as fencing and not solid plywood. The fencing permits views of oncoming pedestrians and traffic.

Saturday Work

We expect that crews will be on site this Saturday, September 14, from 9 am. They will be removing forming, doing housekeeping work and general construction activities through the afternoon.

If there are any significant changes to construction activities, we will post and circulate an update.

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