Midweek Update for 158 Front St. E., September 4, 2019

Work on the Front Street hoardings and overhead protection is on schedule, with work expected to be completed by the end of day Friday, September 6.

Security staff and paid duty Police Officers are on site to manage pedestrian traffic while the sidewalk is closed from approximately 7 am to 4 pm.

Once new hoardings and access gates are completed, measures will be taken to ensure curb access, when needed, is safely addressed. We will have more information on this next week.

We expect there will be crews on site this Saturday, September 7, doing housekeeping work and clearing forms from poured and finished columns and walls.

Work on the second floor is making steady progress moving counter-clockwise from the southwest corner of the site. We will have a new update for Monday, September 9. Please check back regularly.

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