158 Front St. E., look ahead, week of September 3, 2019

Work commenced this week on taking down and rebuilding the hoarding and overhead protection on Front Street East. Once completed, the hoardings and overhead protections will be reinstalled with 3 access points on Front Street. We expect the work to be completed by Friday, September 6.

When work resumes on Tuesday, September 3, there may be temporary closures of the pedestrian access on the north side of Front Street East, between Fredrick and Sherbourne. There will be flag people and paid duty officers on site as required to safely direct pedestrians to alternate routes.

As we noted in previous posts, concrete trucks will continue to use the Frederick Street gates. The new construction access points along Front Street East, between Sherbourne and Frederick, will be used for deliveries and to facilitate the installation of the hoists (external construction elevators). As we also noted previously, there will be no parking on this section of Front Street for the duration of construction and the Toronto Parking Authority meter has been removed.

Work is also continuing to pour form and pour the second floor of the podium and the first set of columns running from the 2nd floor to the 3rd floor. This work will be ongoing next week, while the hoardings on Front Street are rebuilt.

There will be no work on-site over the holiday weekend.

We will provide updates next week. Have a safe and happy Labour Day Weekend.

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