Monday Update for 158 Front St. E., August 12, 2019

After a slower than expected progress last week due to the frequent rain, work is off to a steady start this week.

Construction activity on site this week is focussed on forming walls and columns to support the 2nd floor, pouring a key section of the 2nd floor slab, and continuing to install the with suspended deck for 2nd floor. 

Because the main floor has a double height ceiling, a large amount of decking and forming is required for each section of the 2nd floor. The wooden decking and forming permit the concrete floor sections and columns to be poured accurately. Once the concrete is poured in a given section, the decking and forming is then removed. With the extent of the podium and the height of the second floor, the work is both slow and intricate.

We will post a further update on Wednesday, August 14.

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