Weekend update and look ahead, August 2, 2019

There will be no work over on-site over the holiday weekend. Work will resume Tuesday, August 6. 

Decking work for the second floor was completed for the western section of the site this past week. This work will continue next week. Recent rain days have delayed and given the current forecast for Tuesday, August 6, rain and thunder storms may yet again delay concrete work but the construction team hopes to make significant progress over the balance of next week.

We will update progress next week and the outlook for the following weekend on Wednesday, August 7.

As we noted previously, work on the second floor will generally move counter-clockwise around the site from the southwest. When work is ready to begin, in approximately 2 to 3 weeks, on the eastern section of the site, adjacent Sherbourne, the current construction site office will be moved and site access may need to be adjusted to permit the complete build out of the second and then subsequently the third floor of the podium.

We will have more information on these stages of work in the coming week. Please check back for updates.

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