Construction overview for the week of June 24, 2019

This week work continues on the at-grade ground floor concrete. The sections in the central section of the site will be one of the key areas of focus this week.

In areas where the steel rebar has been laid down on the wooden decking, concrete will be poured and finished. Once the concrete for a particular section is completed , the wooden decking is removed from the underside of the newly finished floor section.

Work will continue on pouring and completing columns rising from the ground floor level. As well as ongoing work to complete the ground floor areas adjacent the parking garage ramp.

There is remaining decking and forming work to be completed on the central eastern section of the site, adjacent the pre-poured ground floor section that runs in from Sherbourne Street.

We will post updates when and if we receive new information about the work schedule for this week, including any work that may be scheduled for Saturday, June 29.

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